Tuesday , March 19th 2019
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Roofing Construction & Estimating

Roofing Construction &

Installation, repair and estimating for nearly every type of roof covering available today in residential and commercial structures: asphalt…

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Estimating Electrical Construction

Estimating Electrical

Clear, simple instructions show how to estimate labor and material costs for each stage of construction, from site clearing…

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Estimating in Building Construction

Estimating in Building

The only complete, up-to-date guide to estimating modern building construction projects -- now updated, expanded, and incorporating many…

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Estimating Construction Costs

Estimating Construction

In preparing the sixth edition of Estimating Construction Costs the author has retained the fundamental concepts of estimating that…

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RSMeans Plumbing Estimating Methods

RSMeans Plumbing Estimating

Now in its third edition, this estimating guide offers comprehensive coverage of all aspects of plumbing: Residential, commercial, industrial,…

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Construction Estimating


This new edition of Construction Estimating provides a comprehensive introduction to the estimating practices used in the construction industry.…

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