Tuesday , March 19th 2019
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Carpentry and Construction

Carpentry and

Fully updated home carpentry, construction, and remodeling instructionThis thoroughly revised, DIY guide takes you through every step of home…

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Carpentry, 3E continues to provide readers with all of the information needed to construct a light-frame building, from start…

Modern Carpentry Workbook

Modern Carpentry

NOTE:This is a workbook.This workbook has been prepared for use with the textbook, Modern Carpentry. The workbook is designed…

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Introduces tools, materials, and techniques, and covers framing, insulation, cornices, roofing, windows, doors, siding, drywall construction, wall paneling, floors,…

Carpentry (For Pros By Pros)

Carpentry (For Pros By

Carpentry covers every important facet of residential carpentry, from framing the mudsills, walls, floors, ceilings and roof to building…

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The intricate system of contemporary light frame building construction is presented in straightforward, step-by-step procedures in this popular bestseller.…

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Bookcases, Cabinets & Built-Ins

Bookcases, Cabinets &

It's a universal need―more storage. Whether you're housing books and DVDs, kitchen items, sports gear for the kids, or…

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